Our Values

There are so many things which are important to us when planning Camp Connect, but when we really think about it, there are a few things which drive us.

We have a basic human need for CONNECTION to others.

Of course, we wouldn’t be called Camp Connect if this wasn’t one of our core values. We believe deeply Connection is critical to well-being. Connection with one another, with our selves, and with the world around us. You’ll find everything we do, we try to weave in opportunities for Connection.

AWARENESS of the self and others is critical to individual and community well-being.

The more we Connect, the more we become Aware. In our busy lives, it is important to maintain Awareness of who we are, and who we aspire to be. You might find our focus on Awareness in our program as we build in opportunities for quiet reflection or discussion, or by getting out into nature to develop a greater Awareness of our place in the world.

Personal growth and discovery can be fostered by MOVEMENT.

We believe so strongly that Movement is fundamental to well-being. When we get busy, sometimes we get into patterns which are not health-promoting, and we focus on specific exercise to get the Movement our bodies crave. At Camp Connect, we will provide opportunities for Movement – some formal, like a yoga class, and some informal, like a chance to explore the hiking trails.

PLAY is critical to maintaining youthful energy and creativity.

We miss summer camp – because we miss the opportunity to Play and learn and create. So we are creating Camp Connect to bring back an opportunity for Play, and Connection through Play. You might notice our focus on Play when you see our program – opportunities for fun and engagement, in our daily scheduled activities, but also in our evening campfires and other activities.