Camp Connect | Our Name

Naming can be a real struggle, and we certainly spent a huge amount of time thinking about this! We knew we wanted to provide a space for women to come together and engage – but what to call it? That was the tricky part.

Initially we thought we might just call it CAMP, standing for our key values: Connection, Awareness, Movement, and Play. We were pretty sure we would end up using the word camp as a short form anyway… as in “are you coming to camp this year?”

But it didn’t quite speak to us the way we needed it to – and we wanted to make sure we were unique and recognizable. We went through so many potential names, made lists of words which held meaning, and none of them seemed to stick the way we wanted.

Throughout it, the word CONNECT kept coming up. Te word has so many meanings. We live in this increasingly connected world – we are connected (literally) every day through email, the web, and social media. We connect with one another (although this feels like it’s increasingly via digital means). And less and less frequently, we take the time to disconnect from some of those distractions, and reconnect with ourselves.

Once we hit on the word CONNECT, we knew we had found it. A place to connect in all the ways we wish for ourselves, and to disconnect from some of the distractions. We love it, and we hope you do too!